Conference – Bridges between disciplines: Gender in STEM and Social Sciences

The main aim of this Conference is not only to bridge the gap between what has been thought of as separate and decoupled fields of knowledge (STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics- and Social Sciences), but also to think about gender differences in Science(s) from an intersectional perspective.

There are multiple forms of inequality and discrimination in Academia. But, how are these experiences of difference addressed in terms of scientific knowledge production? Are we thinking in terms of inter-disciplinary understanding and action? What are we doing in our respective disciplines? How is this affecting the science we produce? 

All these questions have informed this initiative and prompted us to go further in terms of common horizons and transformative action. By bringing STEM and Social Sciences together we intend to interrogate gender and Science from a comprehensive understanding of differences and diversity.

Rather than redrawing boundaries, we aim to create a space of dialogue and encounter to rethink cross-cutting problems and taken-for-granted dichotomies. By doing so, we go beyond boundaries and binaries that we acknowledge as part of the grounds of western scientific thought.

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A great opportunity for an intersectional meeting centered around bridging the gap of gender between STEM and social sciences!!!

You can't miss out!!

Yes! It is happening!!!!!!!!!!

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To share my research with peers
To learn from peers through talks, workshops and round tables
To join forces with a growing community that yearns for a more fair science

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The Conference will be held in a safe hybrid onsite and online format.

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